Leadership to me means being able to motivate a group of people to work towards achieving a common goal. I hope to become a leader that can inspire others by creating a clear and inspiring vision that compels others to works towards achieving it. In the brief time that I have known my fellow Energy Specialists, I’ve created a future that they all want to work towards. In alignment with Rising Sun’s mission, my vision at the North Solano site is to ensure households save money, are educated in energy and water efficiency, and learn how to conserve energy or water in their homes by providing them with useful tips.

When I was an Energy Specialist, I always felt that I could have done more as a leader, but I never had an opportunity to have greater responsibilities. I focused on doing the best I could as an Energy Specialist and expanded my customer service skills as a result. After working three summers as an Energy Specialist, I was finally given an opportunity to oversee and help lead a large team of youth. I am now a Leader In Field Training (LIFT) where I work towards not only achieving sustainability across many households, but I focus a majority of my time towards building my team’s success in terms of personal and professional growth, which will ultimately help them in their future careers.

Rising Sun not only helped me work towards achieving my career goals, but helped me set new life goals. All my life, I was taught that to be successful you must fit into a specific mold; most often a mold that somebody has already laid out for you. I was taught that my life was to fit into one mold, where I needed to go to school and become something I did not want to become. This idea of fitting into a mold was ingrained into my mind at such an early age that I never considered it an obstacle. I now realize this mindset was an obstacle because it limited my potential. Rising Sun has helped me overcome this obstacle and taught me that I don’t need to follow a cookie cutter path but that I can create my own road to success.

Written by: Parsa Aghili

Serving North Solano (Vacaville, Fairfield, Suisun City)