Author: Ashwaree Kumar

This was an exciting week for us because we were doing really well with our Green House Calls and because Fremont had the honor of representing Rising Sun Energy Center on TV! (this was an added bonus.) Everyone at the site was nervous and excited to have the camera man from ABC 7 record what we do during our Green House Calls This was also motivation to do our best and make a good impression.

We explained to the reporter our daily procedure that leads up to the Green House Calls and Tarun Sivakumar, an Energy Specialist, showed all the tools we use. Sarah Mutwakil was
interviewed about why California Youth Energy Services is important, as well as the impact she hopes to make. Sarah said that she enjoys working and being able to provide small changes that can potentially save the planet.


Sarah Mutwakil

Two of the Energy Specialist, Andrew Apy and Natasha Pereira who are very passionate about this program were chosen to be featured for the Green House Call. They both had an exciting experience being interviewed and they both expressed how interesting it was to see the time and energy that goes into a news report.

Everyone at the Fremont site is grateful to have had the experience of representing the city, as well as Rising Sun Energy Center.

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