Gaining Confidence and Energy Efficiency Knowledge

Gaining Confidence and Energy Efficiency Knowledge

Samantha Lopez – Energy Specialist

Working for Rising Sun Energy Center has been a beneficial experience that not only has helped me, but others as well. Overall, my favorite part of this job was the learning opportunity. It gave me social and problem solving skills that I hadn’t experienced before. This job also educated me on an important topic that I wasn’t fully aware of before. I learned that it’s necessary to pay attention to climate change because it affects everyone and everything, especially the environment.

This job has educated me on solutions to that problem. I learned that incandescent light bulbs are inefficient and LED light bulbs can save a lot more energy. Efficient shower heads and aerators will reduce the gallons per minute (GPM) water flow. It’s important to conserve water because we are experiencing a drought and it’s important to conserve energy because energy comes from fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gases.

This program is important to me because it was my first job, my manager supported and motivated me, and this job taught me a lot about teamwork and communication. It’s always been challenging for me to be confident in myself, but this job really helped me overcome that and improved my problem solving skills. Overall my experience at Rising Sun Energy has been very beneficial for me and the people who I have serviced with the Green House Call.


California Youth Energy Services, San Pablo Site