My current long term career goal is to become a judge in the US judiciary, aiming for the honor of serving on the 6th District Court of Appeals in San Jose.  The opportunity given to me by Rising Sun exposes me to deeper responsibilities that allow me the flexibility to learn from my mistakes, while my mistakes are of minor relative consequence.  Of the more challenging responsibilities, which shines a light on one of my weaknesses, is that of managing the many interpersonal relationships in the workplace. I can talk and sling facts for clients and customers alike but having to manage your coworkers and maintaining a proactive environment is where I suffer.  People have described me as cold/blunt and it has led to some serious miscommunication between me and the Energy Specialist’s I manage. However, my experience at Rising Sun has taught me to have patience over people making the same mistake repeatedly or asking the same questions day in and day out. In relation to my career goal, Rising Sun puts me in the position to get some office management experience. Judges may preside over court cases and arbitrate between parties but that is merely half the battle. The other half is managing the court itself from the clerks that process the mountains of paperwork needed to the secretaries that I would inevitably rely on. Rising Sun provides me with the leadership and management experience I need in order to get closer to my career goal of becoming the judge that I envision for myself.


Written by:

Christian Nipales