Coming from a military school, as opposed to a normal public school, has increased my passion for being a leader and striving for higher goals. My career goals after college are to continue my higher education. I would like to either create or manage a business while also being able to provide for my family. Aspiring to reach these goals are important to me because I have an obligation to leave the environment and any organization in better shape than how I found them. Having a broad understanding of what my passions are and truly understanding my passions will allow me to contribute to society in a positive way. Completing school allows me to design and create a better life, a life I want for myself. Creating or managing a business allows me to become an inspiring leader.

It was important to me to join this program as a Leader In the Field Training (LIFT) because, in the field of business, leadership is a great trait to be proficient in. I want to be a leader that can create a professional, positive, and efficient work environment. To me, Leadership means creating a work structure that inspires individuals to achieve more and thrive in the face of adversity. Also, leadership allows me to take a deeper look at my interpersonal skills and become a better person overall.

Furthermore, in a high-intensity work environment, I believe trust is another key part of becoming a successful leader. Creating trust in an adverse environment may make the difference between making or breaking your employees in your business. 

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve learned that being flexible is a great skill to have and develop because it is widely admired.  Additionally, in my role at Rising Sun as a LIFT, I’ve learned the importance of being understanding. This key characteristic serves multiple roles, it can be a tool used to help solve problems critical when managing staff and it can greatly benefit the organization. Rising Sun has helped me be more assertive and take initiative in a set schedule. This has definitely helped me become a better leader and LIFT. Every morning, I am the first to arrive at the office or site before anyone else. I always arrive at least an hour or hour and a half before normal business hours. I do this in order to get a head start on the day. I tend to organize materials, inventory, trash, and office supplies during this time. Doing this every day immediately puts our office at an advantage, allowing us to have fewer obstructions to worry about throughout the day or week. In the future I imagine that I will still be using these traits because of that I believe that I will create a stronger and successful business or organization no matter if I am the janitor or the CEO.

Currently, I am a second-year community college student currently trying to finish the heavy course loads of college. Time, finances, and experience, might be my only obstacles in terms of trying to achieve my career goals. With only two semesters left, Rising Suns ability to inspire and develop me professionally allows me to look at the bigger picture and see what I could strive for in the future. With professional development workshops, networking opportunities, and mentorships; this gives me something to want to strive harder for, especially in academics. Rising Sun has more than been helpful when it comes to mediators of these obstacles. 

Written by:

Gerald Liddle