Author: Chun Yin Au

At this stage our Green House Call visits are well practiced. We are halfway done with the California Youth Energy Services programRather than having things slow down, the Vacaville site is making ever-growing progress, especially in our Green House Call goals and self-development.

The educational things we say to each client create a huge effective change.  For instance, we tell most clients who have plants that you can save more by changing your habits. That it is more water efficient to water their plants during the early morning’s vs late evenings. We further explain that there is less evaporation created in the morning. We educate clients on the nature of the water intake and plants. A few clients were surprised, to learn this. They did not realize their effect and started changing their watering habits. It is always rewarding to educate those who do not know basic energy and water saving tips.

When we perform a Green House Call, we highly encourage clients to make a Green Pledge. Clients commit themselves to one water or energy saving act. On the pledge form, the client keeps one copy, and we keep the other. Using our copy of the Green pledges, we built a derivative of the Rising Sun logo on our wall.


Another Energy Specialist built a trilobite. Using old incandescent light bulbs we collect after replacing them with LED light bulbs. She said that her masterpiece symbolizes our use of fossil fuels. Much like the incandescent light bulbs, fossil fuels are becoming an old technology that should be exchanged for newer and cleaner renewable sources.

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Trilobite – built using old incandescent light bulbs

Making artwork has become a creative pastime activity for everyone working here. I’m not sure what it was that brought us together as a cohesive team. It could have been the icebreakers or team building activities we do at the beginning of the program. Maybe it was sharing our personal stories, playing Pokémon Go! Or maybe it was our united vision to help our community lower their energy and water usage. The team has created a loving work space. Where we can collaborate, share ideas, be goofs, and create art together.