Vlog Created by: Omari Prince

Every Summer Rising Sun Energy Center hires young adults to go out into their communities. Providing, Green House Calls,a really valuable free service that we’re offering for just a few more weeks! Rising Sun’s Green House Call services is a great way for residents to help the planet by saving energy and water while also saving money on their utility bills.

The service the youth provide are no-cost energy and water home audits. Residents receive gifts to help lower energy and water bills. Gifts can include LED light bulbs, efficient shower heads, smart power strips and more! In addition, solar assessments are offered to all home owners and e-waste is collected from all homes served. There are no barriers to participation for residents of the communities we serve. Renters and home owners alike will be served.

The California Youth Energy Services, program helps California cities lower the state CO2 emission.We tackle two big issues with our Green House Call service, youth unemployment and climate change. We hire and train young adults to provide local residents with this totally free service.

Throughout the summer we have youth share their stories. The youth have the option to create a blog or vlog to describe their experience.

Today, our youth have shared an introduction video explaining what exactly this service provides.

View the video below.

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