Green House Call

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“Climate Careers is a great program for both educating the community about energy conservation and giving young adults an opportunity for leadership – win-win!”

Green House Call Resident
“I was very impressed with the knowledge and help from the youth. They were thorough in explaining everything. I highly recommend this program to everyone.”
Green House Call Resident
“The girls were wonderful, polite, and kind. Wow, I feel privileged to have received this service for free, which will help me save money and reduce my (carbon) footprint!”
Green House Call Resident

Our Climate Careers program provides energy and water efficiency services, called Green House Calls, to households throughout our service area.

The best part? It won’t cost you anything. Really.

When you sign up for a Green House Call, we’ll send two trained youth Energy Specialists to your home to check for resource conservation opportunities, install new equipment to help you save energy, water, and money, and give you personalized recommendations for further savings.

Our Green House Call service runs every summer. Looking to schedule for 2020? Space is limited, so call (510) 665-1501 ext. 300 today, or sign up here. We’ll put you on our waitlist and reach out soon to help you schedule an appointment.


Here’s what will happen at your Green House Call:


Where are the best opportunities to save water and energy in your home? We’ll look at windows, appliances, and even test your toilet for leaks.


We’ll install brand new, efficient equipment like LED lightbulbs and high-efficiency shower heads to replace inefficient items as needed.

Tips & Resources

We’ll share tips, resources, and rebates to help you save. We’ll even send you a summary report of the work we did, and customized ideas for your home.


homes served with Green House Calls
metric tons CO2 offset
gallons of water saved
efficient light bulbs installed

California consumers are not obligated to purchase any full fee service or other service not funded by this program. This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by PG&E under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.
Los consumidores en California no están obligados a comprar servicios completos o adicionales que no esten cubiertos bajo este Programa. Estas ofertas son financiadas por los consumidores de servicios públicos de California y administradas por PG&E bajo los auspicios de la Comisión de Servicios Públicos de California.

Interested in deeper energy savings?

Interested in deeper energy savings?

Signing up for Home Energy Analytics’ no-cost service can find places where energy is wasted in your home to help lower your utility bills. When you sign up for Home Energy Analytics, you will receive:

  • Home energy coaching and consultations via email, phone, or home visits
  • Expert recommendations and personalized suggestions on how to save even more energy in your home, directly to your inbox
  • Residents with high energy and cooling loads have the opportunity to qualify for the installation of a Nest smart thermostat at no cost (value over $170)
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