To me, good leadership is a balance between being a mentor, being organized, accomplishing personal goals, and helping others accomplish theirs. In my personal experience, I’ve learned that being a leader is being able to identify and understand different perspectives. Being a leader also means surrounding yourself with people who can challenge your perspectives and help you shape your own views and opinions.

I have been an active leader for a couple years, including taking leadership roles in High School. I am now a Leader In Field Training (LIFT) at Rising Sun. Every time I get to take leadership opportunities I expect not only to see personal growth but expect to create growth in my team and those I lead. When I realize that I have accomplished my goals and that I have helped other people achieve their goals, I then see that my job as a leader has been done well and that my leadership skills have grown.

This is my second year as a LIFT and last year I grew as a leader in so many ways. I learned more about education, customer service, and helping Energy Specialists do their job. This summer I came with the same outlook, but I also set new expectations and more goals for me to improve on. One of my hopes for this summer is to improve on my presentation skills and my communication skills, since this is one of the areas that is very challenging for me. As a LIFT, I am given the opportunity to lead multiple professional development workshops on Thursdays. I know that this opportunity will help me focus on my goal to improve my communication skills and will also allow me to get better at presenting in front of a small group. My other hope or goal for the 2018 summer as LIFT is to become more organized with my time.

Being the LIFT at Rising Sun, I have been given the opportunity to meet and interact with young people like the Summer Program Managers and the Energy Specialists. Some of the Energy Specialists have a lot experience and others do not have any experience, but as their leader, I want to help them gain more experience and skills in the workplace that will help them with their future careers. I am passionate about helping invest in, mentor, and lead my fellow peers because when I was an Energy Specialist the people who helped me build my confidence were the LIFT and the managers. Although I had work experience prior to Rising Sun, I now realize that Rising Sun invested in my professional growth. As a LIFT this summer I hope to reinvest that dedication with my team. I hope to be a leader who helps the Energy Specialists become more professional and helps them achieve their goals.

Written by:  Nicolas Camargo

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