Life After Sunset: An Interview with Former Energy Specialist Griffin Boyle

Life After Sunset: An Interview with Former Energy Specialist Griffin Boyle

Interested in joining Rising Sun as an Energy Specialist this summer, or just want to read a first-hand account? Here’s former Energy Specialist Griffin Boyle’s story:

My current role as a Home Energy Advisor for the Community Energy Challenge involves performing in-home energy audits, using the data collected to model the home’s energy use in our software, writing up a comprehensive report detailing my findings as well as my suggested improvements to the home and finally presenting my findings to the home owner here in the office. My position as an Energy Specialist with Rising Sun gave me the building blocks that allowed me to land the position I have now. 

As an Energy Specialist I learned how to navigate in-home audits and built the customer service skills that I use everyday in my current position. Learning how to interact with and educate your customers is an invaluable skill that applies to almost any job I could ever desire. Also, having experience with in-home audits helps a lot in my current position; working in someone else’s home can be a challenging situation but Rising Sun gave me the skills to work through those challenges and provide great service with pride. 

One of the best parts about my work with the Community Energy Challenge is that I am working to improve the lives of those in my community. For me, that makes a huge difference in keeping me motivated and excited by my work. Helping to build the community I love gives new meaning to the work I do everyday. 

What stands out to me [about my time with Rising Sun] is performing an energy and water efficiency audit on a home, installing a good number of LEDs, aerators, and a powerstrip, and then seeing the appreciation on the client’s face as my partner and I explain the benefits of energy and water efficiency and how it all works. Many of the folks we served had limited access to efficiency upgrades, whether that was due to a lack of funds, education or mobility. Seeing the gratitude on their faces as we went about our work and explained what we were doing truly inspired me and substantiated the efforts of myself and all the Rising Sun staff. 

My long-term career goals are to steer the world toward a sustainable future. Energy is the median [sic] I have studied and will pursue in order to reach my goals. The way I see it, you can either work for systemic change (creating good policy, working for a utility or renewable energy producer, etc.) or you can work on the consumer level (educating the public, inspiring action, creating action in your community through audits, installation and so on). Both of these approaches are valid and I intend on exploring both through my career. 

Being smarter about how we use our resources not only rewards the customer via lower bills, but it has massive environmental benefits as well! Lucky for me, both Rising Sun and the Community Energy Challenge have allowed me to further my career with inspired and passionate people in communities that mean the world to me.

Griffin Boyle

Home Advisor, Community Energy Challenge, Opportunity Council of Bellingham, WA

Former Energy Specialist, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, Sonoma 2018