Bettering Myself and the Community

Bettering Myself and the Community

Julian Carra – Energy Specialist, San Pablo, CA

My favorite part about working at Rising Sun Energy Center is helping the community, meeting a lot of people, and helping them save money on their utility bills. I have learned many things from working here and I have found it very useful in my daily life. For example, I now take showers no longer than 10 minutes, wash laundry with full loads, turn off lights when they are not needed. I think it is important to be aware of how the environment is being affected in negative ways and how we can prevent it.

I like this job because being energy efficient makes a difference in the environment in a positive way. I also enjoy this job because it has improved my social skills. Being part of a team has allowed me to meet new people and has improved my communication. This job has definitely given me experience in a lot of ways. It makes me happy to know that I’m helping other people as well as myself. It helps people save money, and also teaches them how to help the environment. Because of what I learned from this job, I can better my community on a daily basis, and inform people on how they can as well. Overall I feel like this job has given me knowledge on saving energy and water and has given me great work experience.


Julian Cara testing Rising Sun’s app