“Climate Careers is a great program for both educating the community about energy conservation and giving young adults an opportunity for leadership–win-win!”

Green House Call Resident

“I was very impressed with the knowledge and help from the youth. They were thorough in explaining everything. I highly recommend this program to everyone.”

Green House Call Resident

“The girls were wonderful, polite, and kind. Wow, I feel privileged to have received this service for free, which will help me save money and reduce my (carbon) footprint!”

Green House Call Resident

Our Climate Careers program provides energy and water efficiency services, called Green House Calls, to households within City of Stockton’s Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) service area.

The best part? It won’t cost you anything. Really.

Due to COVID-19, Green House Calls are going contact-free. When you sign up for a Green House Call by completing a 5-minute online survey to determine your personalized efficiency needs, an energy and water efficiency kit with installation instructions will be delivered directly to your door. This kit will include:

  • LED light bulbs, standard and floodlight
  • A smart power strip ($70 value)
  • High-efficiency bathroom and kitchen faucet aerators (same pressure, less water)
  • High-efficiency showerhead(s) (same pressure, less water)
  • Toilet leak detection tablets

After your kit arrives, we will conduct a brief phone follow up to ensure your installation process went smoothly and provide any necessary troubleshooting.

Green House Calls are available to homeowners as well as renters residing within the TCC service area (see map, below), barring only those who have received Rising Sun’s Green House Call service in the last five years and those who live in mobile homes. 

Looking to have a kit delivered? Kits are limited, and require only that you either fill out this survey or call us to complete the survey by phone: (209) 890-4341 ext. 301

Green House Call Survey
Encuesta del uso de energia y agua en el hogar “Green House Call”

Here’s what will happen during your Green House Call:


Where are the best opportunities to save water and energy in your home? Our survey will help you look at windows and appliances to determine the right kit for you. The kit you receive will walk you through testing your toilet for leaks and other home water sources for efficiency.


Once your kit arrives, you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to install brand new equipment like LED light bulbs and high-efficiency showerheads to replace inefficient items as needed.

Tips & Resources

We’ll send tips, resources, and rebates to help you save.

Interested in deeper energy savings?

No-cost appliance upgrades

For qualifying residents within the TCC service area (see map, above), Rising Sun Center for Opportunity is offering full replacement of select refrigerators, dishwashers, toilets, thermostats, and water heater blankets with more efficient options. If you qualify to receive any of the appliances listed above, we will cover 100 percent of the costs associated with purchasing the appliance, including any labor and installation expenses.

To learn more about the program and see if you qualify to receive one or more appliances, you can take a 10-minute survey or or call us to complete the survey by phone: (209) 890-4341 ext. 301

Appliance Upgrade Survey


homes served with Green House Calls
metric tons CO2 offset
gallons of water saved
efficient light bulbs installed

Climate Careers Stockton is supported by California Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities Program with funds from California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities.