The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) has been providing water to the East Bay in Alameda and Contra Costa counties for over 95 years. EBMUD is a champion of public health that operates wastewater treatment and pollution protection programs along the Bay, and a long-time sponsor and funder of Rising Sun’s Climate Careers program.

Together, Rising Sun and EBMUD educate local residents on the importance of conserving water. Rising Sun hires and trains local youth between the ages of 15 – 22 in our Climate Careers program, who then conduct home energy and water audits at no-cost. At a Green House Call appointment, youth install hardware such as efficient-flow showerheads, and efficient faucet aerators, that directly help the occupant save water. Additionally, youth perform tests and assess toilets for leaks. They check to see if the toilet water level is within ½ inch of the top of the overflow tube and record all their findings. They also ask a series of questions about outdoor irrigation and offer a water-saving pledge and conservation resources, informed by EBMUD experts.

The aggregated data collected from these home audits help EBMUD and Rising Sun determine opportunities to conserve water – and make fixes on-the-spot. Through our services, residents reduce their water consumption and save on their water bill. To-date, Rising Sun has saved over 46,000 residents enough water to fill 22,722 Olympic-sized pools with water. Through EBMUD’s generous support, we kicked off the Climate Careers program in June and over 150 low-income youth joined Rising Sun in the fight against climate change. This summer, these young people will earn a paycheck while making a difference in their communities.

In partnership with EBMUD, we’re addressing climate change and economic inequity while simultaneously building a climate-resilient Bay Area.

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To learn more about EBMUD, visit their website here.