Every day we are expected to be successful, however, we each have our own definition of what it means to have success. As a teen in the latinx community, success is difficult to achieve. We face challenges that limit our ability to overcome the stereotypes that have been embedded in our community. I want to be different. My career goal is currently to complete my double major in Business Management and Psychology. Achieving this milestone will help me redefine the stereotypes that my community and I carry.

My success won’t be easy, but Rising Sun Energy Center has given me the opportunity to obtain management skills. This job opportunity has acted as a catalyst for my goals. The Leader in Field Training (LIFT) position has taught me key leadership skills such as, how to facilitate professional development workshops, time management, and how to support a promising young group of Energy Specialists. These skills will help guide me as I work to achieve my career goals by teaching me organization, assertiveness, and developing skills to help me understand how to run my own company.

The only obstacle I foresee preventing me from achieving my dream career is myself. Rising Sun has helped me overcome this obstacle by giving me the opportunity to become a LIFT. Before becoming a LIFT, I didn’t know how to assist a group of people, or how to use the resources that Rising Sun gave me to keep everyone organized. Now, I can proudly say that I am proficient and more confident with the skills that I have acquired as a LIFT at Rising Sun Energy Center, and I am ready to move onto other opportunities.

Written by Johnathan Maldonado
Serving Sonoma County