The Future was Then

My name is T’Andre’ Ernesto White. I serve the entirety of San Francisco and North San Mateo, from my office, located in Southern San Francisco. My career goals consist of graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Asian American Studies. Post graduation, I am looking to expand my professional career and continue falling into my various passions. It is important that I graduate on time because higher education can be very taxing, both financially and physically. My career goals are very dynamic, so I am looking at all my surroundings to pull in more inspiration and shape concrete expectations. It is important for me to explore leadership jobs because it can give me a better sense of what to expect in my future careers and see what and where I excel at. In my other jobs in customer service and food services, I was always entry level. However, in my Leader In Field Training (LIFT) role, I now have others, energy specialists, looking towards me for inspiration and assistance. I have really sharpened my training and instructing skills this summer. I was given the opportunity to give Energy Specialists the tools, both literal and figurative, to exceed in their learn and earn program. I truly cherish these instances because I know in the future, I will have that experience and be able to conjure my experience and get back into the swing of things. Work experience is something that I have always struggled to find and Rising Sun has helped me expand my portfolio and become a qualifying candidate the next time I am job searching. The future was then and I was ready.

Written by:
T’Andre White